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AIM High Concentration Silicone Oil Lubricant
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ATS Item #: OIL-GS-10 -

This Silicone lubricant is suitable for all Gas and Electric internal components. Silicone oil has a wide variety of uses including, but not limited to, Cylinders, Gas Blowback units, Valves, O-rings, Gears, Propane Adapters, Tools, Nozzles, Trigger mechanisms, and more. FeaturesHigh end Polydimethylsiloxane OilHigh viscosity gun oil without petroleum distillates that degrades plastic and rubber.Resistant to water, non toxic, harmless to health.Wide temperature range and superb thermal... Silicone & Teflon Grease (X-Large) Combo Set for Airsoft AEG & GBB Pistols & Rifles
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EVIKE Item #: GS-12-EVK -

0-GS-12-EVK Silicone Grease
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Item #: GS-06-EVK -