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EV Warrior Motor - CW
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EV Warrior Item #: EVCW -

CW EV 12v 24v No load rpm 2640 rpm 5380 rpm Peak Horsepower .368 hp 1.53 hp No load current 3.9 A 3.9 A Stall current 99.2 A 198 A Stall torque 563 oz-in 1150 oz-in Weight 3.24 lbs Diameter 4 in. Length 2.72 in. Shaft 8mm diameter x 30mm When installing, you will notice there are 3 pins on the connector of this motor, you may ignore the center one and hook your + and - to the outer two pins. Reverse the polarity to reverse direction of the motor (or just let your speed controller do that for...

EV Warrior Motor Mount
Price: $29.99
Availability: Discontinued
Kenward Item #: EVM-01 -

The perfect, light weight solution to mounting the EV Warrior motors.Made from Green UHMW. This very interesting material is very light, yet surprisingly strong. Polyethylene UHMW has a high melt viscosity, has outstanding toughness and cut/wear resistance and very good chemical resistance.Stock EV MountClamp style mounts, standard 1/4" mounting holes. Designed for quick swap-out of the motor, you don't need to disassemble your entire robot to swap out a motor- 2 bolts on the top, and your...